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"...114 Leads In 30 Days"

- J. Hoover | Illinois

Jacob Hoover is a commercial roofing contractor out of Danville, Illinois. When he first started with us, he was very hesitant.

He'd been burned by many marketing companies before. His worries disappeared when in his first 90 days he received over 95 leads, bid over $500,000, and sold over $100,000. And that was just the beginning


"...20 Leads In 1 Day"

- J. Derek | New York

John Derek is a commercial roofing contractor out of Long Island. He had many previous bad experiences with online marketing, as many contractors do.

When he first reached out to us, we knew The EEC Method would work well for him but he wasn't so sure.

On his first day, he received an amazing 20 commercial roofing leads. We were even blown away, a new record. His success continues on to this day.


"...always on the cutting edge of marketing and technology"

- D. Byler | Pennsylvania

Dwilin Byler is a commercial roofing contractor based in western Pennsylvania. He is a true veteran having been with us since 2017.

He particularly enjoys the peace of mind knowing that he has a full team behind him ensuring that his marketing is always at the cutting edge of technology pioneering the field of commercial roofing marketing.


"35 leads in 2 weeks...
what is there to lose?"

- J. Brenneman | Michigan

Jonas Brenneman is a commercial roofing contractor based in Michigan. During his first 3 weeks, he bid on over $500,000 in commercial roofing projects from the leads he received using The EEC Method.


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